Dec 27, 2021

Our quest for love can lead us down primrose paths and into the arms of the wrong people. Then, it’s even harder to walk away because feelings get involved.

Romance can be sloppy. But you can avoid some of the drama when you watch for red flags.

The 10 Worst Kinds of People to Date

Before you swipe right on that cute profile, make sure you’re not falling for one of the following traps:

#1. The Overly Nice One

Overly nice people could have something to hide. Their behavior might also suggest that they don’t have healthy boundaries. So, if you want a long-term relationship, their extreme niceness could be a problem.

#2. The People Pleaser

People pleasers don’t have healthy boundaries either. Instead, they break promises and change their characteristics to “fit in” with others. That means the bond you create could get broken very easily.

#3. The Emotional Manipulator

Emotional manipulators can be tough to spot. They’re often called a “tease” or “hard-to-get” because they lead partners on for personal gain. So, this type of hookup can be an extremely slippery slope.

#4. The Open Relationship Evangelist

Polyamory should be respected as a valid adult lifestyle. But those things should be discussed upfront. Furthermore, it’s in appropriate for someone to coerce you into participating if you don’t want to.

#5. The One In a Hurry to Settle Down

People who are too eager to settle down may overlook crucial details about your compatibility. They may lie, coerce, or settle but never truly be happy. Also, neither will you.

#6. The One with Commitment Issues

Partners who think monogamy and marriage are traps may not be good candidates for long-term love. People with commitment issues often find excuses to break up and may even become toxic.

#7. The Poor Communicator

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a good relationship. So, partners who lack good speaking or writing skills may not be able to express themselves in healthy ways.

#8. The Bad Listener

Active listening plays an essential role in romance. But that doesn’t mean you should be the only one paying attention. Good listeners make great partners who act with concern and compassion.

#9. The Ex-Obsessed

Try to avoid potential partners who still obsess about their ex. Unless they have children or business in common, all communication and concern should be cut off before you enter the picture.

#10. The Secret Traditionalist

This person either wants to take care of you or wants you to take care of them. They’re seldom interested in a symbiotic relationship and may even become co-dependent on your generosity.

How to Find True Love with Good People

Love is a battlefield. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend your life alone. Subscribe to the Truffle Dating app and link with sophisticated people who are ready for a relationship.