Jan 24, 2022

Love hurts, and it can leave scars that last a lifetime. But adults in the dating world have a responsibility to each other. Rule number one: Socializing with someone romantically means you’re over your ex.

Dating is supposed to be a positive learning experience for both partners. Yet too many people agree to go out when they’re not really ready for new love. So, if your date is still obsessed with their ex, this is how to deal.

5 Ways to Deal When Your Date Isn’t Over Their Ex

Have you ever been in love with an ex? It happens to the best of us. But that means we owe one another a little empathy when it comes to moving on after heartbreak.

Still, both people have to make a conscientious effort to connect without interference. And this is what your role should look like:

Step 1: Redirect the Conversation

Try to change the subject onto something more positive and productive. Maybe allow their comments to spark ideas that you can use for a more appropriate conversation.

Step 2: Listen to Their Story

If redirecting doesn’t work, try letting them get the story off their chest. Your date may need to divulge certain details about themselves or their past to enter a relationship with someone new.

Step 3: Offer Help and Healing

To a certain extent, it’s up to you to show your date that not everyone is the same. So, you can win major brownie points if you offer healing through kindness, mindfulness, and gentleness.

Step 4: Communicate Your Concerns

Know your limits. Then, let your date know what you expect. Give them ample time to tell their story and see how you’re different. Then, tell your date how listening to them obsess makes you feel.

Step 5: Move On

Don’t waste your time on dates with people who aren’t ready to fall in love again. If your partner can’t get over an ex no matter how hard you try, give your attention to someone who wants it.

Offering affection and empathy to someone who’s hurting isn’t a sign of weakness. However, letting them use you as a rebound is. So, be cautious on dates with people who are obsessed with their ex. They’re usually the first ones to break someone else’s heart.

How to Find a Love That’s All Yours

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