Feb 22, 2022

Dates with lots of chemistry can be exciting, and some partners don’t want to wait. So, how do you deal with a date that moves too fast? Learn these tricks to get prepared.


5 Ways to Deal with a Date That’s Moving Too Fast

If you’re on a date and it’s progressing too quickly, try these five tactics to pump the brakes.

#1. Communicate Your Desires

Use this time to let your date know about your intentions. Talk about how you want the date to go and suggest activities that move you both in the right direction. And if the conversation gets uncomfortable, redirect with a more appropriate topic.

#2. Display Your Pace

Demonstrate the speed you prefer by acting that way to your date. In other words, don’t hold hands or kiss if you’re not feeling it. Offering false affection can be misleading, and it may result in things going faster than you planned.

#3. Set Up Boundaries

Decide what you will and won’t allow before agreeing to the date. Not into talking about certain subjects? Figure out a nice way to change the subject if it comes up. Meanwhile, work on your explanation of why the topic is taboo.

#4. Be Prepared for Rejection

Understand that everyone has a dealbreaker. And some partners prefer full disclosure upfront. Furthermore, you may meet people who dislike your boundaries or disagree with your desires. It’s okay if you’re not everyone’s type.

#5. Acknowledge Your Options

Be flexible, adaptable, and open-minded. Remember, dating is supposed to give you opportunities to try new things. If your boundaries are too rigid or expectations too high, you could scare off someone who would have been the perfect match.

Keep in mind that fast-moving dates are often a sign of chemistry. So, don’t shut down or put up too many walls. This could be the one.

How to Find Love At Your Own Pace

Take things slow and date at your own pace. Become a member of the Truffle Dating society and find love when it feels right.