Mar 23, 2022

Using dating apps can be fun. But it can also destroy your self-esteem if you interact with the wrong people. Just know that you are worthy of a healthy, happy relationship.

Meanwhile, learn how to thicken your skin before hopping online. People can be cruel, and not everyone is as sophisticated as you. So, a little increased confidence and tolerance can go a long way.

What Does It Mean to Thicken Your Skin?

The phrase “thicken your skin” means being resilient. Thick-skinned people don’t get offended easily and can take criticism well. They’re also comfortable with themselves and understand the need for others to express their emotions differently.

If you want to enter the world of virtual dating, you’ll need thick skin. Potential partners will chronically reject you until you find the right one. But had they not rejected you, the right person may not have ever found you. That means rejection can be a good thing, and resilient people know that.

5 Ways to Thicken Your Skin for Online Dating

The American Psychological Association says resilience is a key component to contentment. So, even if you don’t find “the one” on your favorite dating app, follow these 5 steps to be ready when you do:

#1. Assess Yourself.

Self-awareness is sexy. And it’s good for building confidence as well. Plus, it’s harder for strangers to catch you off guard with negative criticisms when you’re mentally prepared.

#2. Consider Your Flaws.

Nobody is perfect, so stop needing to be. Get as comfortable with your weaknesses as you are with your strengths. The right partner will feel more comfortable being themselves as a result.

#3. Help Others.

Helping people helps yourself. It boosts your self-esteem and gives you a sense of belonging. Thus, rejection may not sting as much because you’re already aware of your worth.

#4. Join Groups.  

You can get much-needed support from like-minded people. So, surround yourself with friends and family who build up your confidence with positive words of affirmation and encouragement.

#5. Work On Goals.

Healthy and productive goals can help you reach important milestones in life. Goals give you productive distractions from criticism as well. Plus, you’ll build even more confidence as you achieve them.

Love may be a battlefield. But it’s harder to knock someone down with rejection when they’re ready for war.