Apr 26, 2022

Dating apps can teach you many things. But here’s a head start on your lesson so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

40 Lessons from Dating Apps

Remember these 40 things the next time you’re looking for love on a dating app:

1. You Are Worthy. Don’t get intimidated.

2. First Impressions Matter. Come as your best self.

3. Thicken Your Skin. You’re not everyone’s type.

4. Confidence Is Crucial. Nobody likes an insecure partner.

5. Check Your Ego. Don’t get too cocky.

6. Understand Your Desires. Look for like-minded people.

7. Have Some Opinions. Dazzle with your intellect.  

8. Always Text, Call, or Email. Don’t meet in person for a while.

9. Don’t Act Like a Stalker. Take no for an answer.

10. Trust Your Gut. Do what feels right.

11. Forget the Rules of Engagement. You’re allowed to initiate.

12. Be Flexible and Adapt. Let each other lead the conversation.

13. Fake Is Real. Don’t get fooled.

14. Skip the Filters. It’s like false advertisement.

15. Rejection Can Be a Good Thing. It gives you helpful feedback.

16. Chemistry + Timing + Intention = Success. Do the math.

17. Lack Effort, Lack Results. Put in work to find love.

18. Don’t Waste Time on Hesitation. You could miss an opportunity.

19. Some People Are Just Odd. It’s not always your fault.

20. Leave Politics Alone. The topic can be divisive.

21. Don’t Chase Those Who Reject You. It’s a waste of time and energy.

22. If You Want to Know, Ask. Don’t make unfair assumptions.

23. No Drunk Dialing. You’ll regret it in the morning.

24. You Aren’t Owed Anything. Their time is valuable too.

25. Online Dating Can Be Expensive. Prepare to invest in love.

26. Analysis Paralysis Happens. Try to limit your options.

27. You’re Allowed to Change Your Mind. Dating isn’t a contract.

28. Lying Will Come Back to Bite You. Just be honest.

29. Choose Quality Over Quantity. It helps narrow your options.

30. Find Love Can Be Time Consuming. Expect long delays.

31. The Juice Is Worth the Squeeze. True love can change your life.

32. Try to Relax. Don’t Rush It. The cards must fall together first.

33. There Are Many Ways to Fall In Love. It’s not just about sex or money.

34. You Can Go at Your Own Pace. There’s no speed limit in relationships.

35. It’s Okay to Need a Break. Walk away and clear your head.

36. You Have to Be Openminded. This may not be what you expected.

37. There Are Two Sides to Every Story. Listen but remain skeptical.

38. Too Good to Be True Is Usually Right. Everyone has flaws.

39. We All Have a Dealbreaker. Know yours and respect theirs.

40. You Don’t Have to Decide Right Now. There’s still time to think.

Each of these lessons has made it easier to find real, lasting relationships with others. So, prepare a space in your heart before you sign up for the Truffle dating app