May 25, 2022

Expert relationship coaches agree: there are countless fake profiles on dating apps these days. And even the best apps in town aren’t immune. In fact, those are generally the networks targeted most.

Hackers know where the traffic is, so they plan their approach based on popularity. That means dating apps like Truffle are prime candidates for fraud.

We take painstaking care to vet every member of our community. So, your chances of finding a fake profile here are slim. But what happens if one slips through the cracks? Better yet, how can you tell?

7 Ways to Tell a Dating Profile Is Fake

Once you know the signs, spotting a fake dating profile is easy. So, here are the seven most common red flags.

#1. The Profile Features Very Few Photos

Most people want to show off when they’re looking for love online. They know that their profile pictures are important. So, they add several. But fake dating app profiles don’t do that.

#2. Their Photos Seem Too Perfect

Photos on the average person’s dating profile won’t look professionally taken. They’ll be slightly off center, a tad hazy, and maybe even dark. They certainly won’t be as perfect as a fake profile.

#3. They Have More Than One Profile

Some people keep multiple profiles for personal or professional reasons. However, the information is consistent on each one. Be wary of accounts that feature too many contradictions.

#4. You Get Sent Links and Requests

Lovers in search of romance seldom send links to websites or make special requests. It’s not only too soon and inappropriate, but It’s a sign that something is amiss with their identity.

#5. Their Conversation Skills Are Lacking

Not everyone is eloquent. But there’s a big difference between smoothly stringing words together and being incoherent. Many fake dating profiles are operated by people who can’t carry on a conversation.

#6. They Refuse to Video Chat

Bots and hackers don’t like to show their faces on camera. So, ask for a video chat session if you’re suspicious. Connections who refuse to go live may have something big to hide.

#7. They Avoid Certain Questions

Ask questions about their background and current lifestyle. Double-check their location and relationship status as well. And if they change the subject, lie, or avoid your inquiries, say goodbye.

Keep in mind that unedited pictures, good conversation skills, and a busy schedule may look like relationship red flags. But considering the type of people in your dating pool, it’s probably a good idea to give the benefit of the doubt.

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